merry belle and the holiday hookers of larkspur lake
Merry Belle and the Holiday Hookers of Larkspur Lake

Small-town Sheriff Devlin Montgomery and murder suspect Merry Belle Noelle have every reason to distrust each other, but with her pack of wacky holiday crochet nut friends involved, this crazy and mysterious yarn will end in love.

Merry Belle Noelle has a ridiculous name and a horrible past. Her deep dark secrets are well-hidden from the customers of her fabric and yarn shop, especially those who have become her dearest friends, a crocheting and knitting group aptly named the Holiday Hookers. But when Merry's beloved stepfather turns up dead clutching a necklace she hasn't seen in years, everything starts to unravel. Her past is looping back to snare her and the town's gorgeous lawman.

Sheriff Devlin Montgomery left big-city policing for the quiet of small-town living, and nothing is quieter and smaller than Larkspur Lake, Washington. Until a man turns up dead in the lake. The prime suspect, beautiful Merry Belle Noelle, is an unlikely murderer, but Devlin has to follow the evidence--until everything he thinks he knows goes sideways and a group of Merry Belle's friends, a crocheting and knitting circle, become a weird posse. This mystery is the strangest yarn they've ever seen--and it will end with love.

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marianne stillings a kiss to build a dream on
A Kiss To Build A Dream On

With the world at war for a second time in the same century, Women’s Airforce Service Pilot Rachel Prentiss faces conflicts of her own. Pearl Harbor left her the widow of her childhood sweetheart so now, having lost nearly everyone in her life she has ever loved, she’s done risking her heart. But Rachel hasn’t counted on the attraction she feels toward their handsome new Training Officer, battle-scarred Army Air Forces Captain Jack Lassiter.

As Rachel’s superior officer, Jack works to keep his relationship with her strictly professional. Things take a turn for the personal though when Rachel’s best friend and sister pilot, dies under suspicious circumstances and former Seattle PD detective Jack elicits Rachel’s help to try and solve the mystery. While he finds himself falling for the beautiful lady flyer, he has two terrible secrets that would keep her away from him forever, if she ever found out.

Against the backdrop of WWII, day-by-day, Rachel finds herself drawn closer to loving again than she’d ever thought possible. And when she does finally succumb to Jack’s charms, she realizes not only does his kiss have the power to destroy her best defenses, his is the kind of kiss to build a dream on.

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marianne stillings dead is the new black
Dead Is The New Black

Pretty Stephanie Scott is a failed romance author, out of money, and out of luck. When she takes a job as housekeeper to Dr. Jonathan Van Graf - known Vampire - Stephanie finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. Did the handsome Creature of the Night commit the crime? Is she in danger? Worse, has he targeted her ill mother as his next victim? And just who are all those weird people wandering about his magnificent mansion?

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marianne stillings shadows in the mist
Shadows In The Mist
A paranormal anthology

From the misty waters of Puget Sound across the wrinkles of time to the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius, mystery and magic come together to create haunting tales of everlasting passion.

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marianne stillings romance in the rain
Romance In The Rain

From the pioneer days of Seattle through the smoke-filled clouds of WWII and into the present, Romance in The Rain takes readers on a journey with four generations of the strong-willed and passionate Caldwell family. The anthology of six novellas is a collaboration of the Seattle-based Rainy Day Writers group.

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The Darling Detectives trilogy

Arousing Suspicions
Arousing Suspicions
Book #4
March 2007

Featuring Tabitha March & Nate Darling

Detective Nate Darling has put up with a lot of weird things since he's moved back to San Francisco—healing crystals, free range tofu, the SF Giants. But he's drawing the line at psychic dream interpretations.

Tabitha March claims she can see other people's dreams. In fact, she insists she "saw" a murder, and even provides Nate with explicit details of the crime. There's no doubt the curvaceous blue-eyed blonde knows something, but how is she involved? Is she the murderer? Because there's just no way that Tabitha can really "see" the killer's dream.

Then another body is discovered, just the way Tabitha described it would be. Now evidence suggests she may be the next victim. And Nate has to reconsider his beliefs or risk losing the woman he has fallen in love with . . . forever.

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Book #5
December 2007

Featuring Georgiana (Georgie) Mundy & Ethan Darling

Hotshot private eye Ethan Darling regulary risks his life to collar dangerous criminals, but he's pretty sure his latest assignment will be as easy as apple pie. He's the new bodyguard for Georgiana Mundy, culinary queen and host of her own top-rated TV show. But while protecting the delicious diva from a man in her past, he's surprised to find that it's not just her delectable desserts that are making his mouth water.

It's getting harder and harder for Ethan to keep his mind off the brunette bombshell and on his job. Soon he and Georgie are creating some incredible heat—both in and out of the kitchen. But if Ethan can't hunt down the dangerous enemy out to destroy her, he and his new love are going to get burned.

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killer charms
Book #6
September 2008

Featuring Andrea Darling & Logan Sinclair

If he could really see the future . . .

Logan Sinclair is nothing but a fraud. Or at least that's what Inspector Andie Darling, undercover on the streets of San Francisco, is determined to prove. Sure, the sexy Scotsman may say he's a clairvoyant, but Andie's never believed in second sight—or love at first sight. So why does his sweet talk turn her into a lovestruck fool?

He'd know that Andie Darling always gets her man . . .

Getting the goods on the elusive con man would get Andie out of boring Vice and into Homicide, yet all she can think about is getting into Logan's arms. But juggling her job and her heart leaves her with little time to protect herself from a crazed killer hot on her heels. Logan would love to help Andie—and get closer to her—but charm might not be enough to save them now . . .

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sighs matter
Sighs Matter
Book #3
April 2006

Featuring Claire Hunter & Taylor McKennitt
[Also Betsy & Soldier from The Damsel in This Dress]

It was a night of slow dances, heated looks, and for detective Taylor McKennitt, the Earth moved.

Unfortunately, so did the lovely Claire . . .

. . . right on out the door. Not that it wasn't the hottest night of her life. In fact, the memory of Taylor's kisses, his touch, his . . . everything makes Claire want to leap right back into the sexy detective's bed. But the last thing she needs is to fall in love with a man in blue, even if he is irresistible. And determined.

Then just when Taylor thinks he's close to getting her back into his life, a deranged killer targets Claire. Now it's Taylor's duty to protect her. And in the process, he'll win her resisting heart or die trying -- which is suddenly a very distinct possibility.

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marianne stillings
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evie
Book #2
May 2005

Featuring Evie Randall & Max Galloway
[Also Nate Darling from Arousing Suspicions]

Join a murder hunt where conflict and sexual tension is the name of the game...

Thomas Heyworth was a wealthy, internationally renowned mystery writer, a colourful character whose opinions and outspoken behaviour got him in a lot of hot water in his lifetime. Because of the enemies he's accumulated over the years, Heyworth stipulated in his will detailed plans for an amateur investigation to take place in the event of his death. When Heyworth is found dead in his own library, Evie Randall, Heyworth's possible illegitimate daughter who has lived on the Heyworth estate ever since her mother, Heyworth's former housekeeper died, becomes the primary suspect.

Seattle detective Max Galloway is sent to find out the truth and is unwittingly drawn to Evie. But the real murderer is closing in and is determined to eliminate anything or anyone standing in the way of collecting millions. Suddenly Max and Evie are in a race to solve the crime before the game ends for them both.

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damsel in this dress
The Damsel in This Dress
Book #1
August 2004

Featuring Betsy Tremaine & Soldier McKennitt
[Also Claire & Taylor from Sighs Matter]

She's a book reviewer who hates his books.

He's a bestselling author who's determined to change her mind-about his books and him.

J. Soldier McKennitt, a Seattle detective-turned-bestselling-author has read one too many scathing reviews from Betsy Tremaine of The Port Henry Ledger. Never mind that he's been on the national bestsellers list with each of his 3 books. Never mind that all the other papers consistently give him rave reviews. He decides Betsy must be some frustrated old hag, but when he meets a gorgeous blonde at a mystery writer's conference, he can't believe that this is Betsy Tremaine. Betsy with the hour glass figure any man would kill to get his hands on. Betsy with the quick witty comebacks that sets his nether regions on fire. Now if only he can figure out who's stalking her, their heated relationship may have a chance.

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